Red Bull accuses Ferrari in ride-height row

Red Bull has been facing some scrutiny from the FIA of late concerning, first, their engine mapping system in the German Grand Prix and as of the Hungarian Grand Prix last week, the ride height adjustment system has been the target.

The regulations state that the ride height of a chassis must require a tool to be adjusted and the accusations last week were that Red Bull’s RB8 car can have its ride height adjusted by hand. The concern is that the car could be changed between qualifying and the race leading to a clear advantage.

Red Bull deny the claim as they say they have never changed the car between qualifying and the race (also known as parc ferme conditions) as that would be against the regulations. The team hasn’t stopped there, however, with Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko leveling accusation at Ferrari for having a hand-adjusted system. Marko told Auto Motor und Sport:

“We have never adjusted anything by hand. I don’t know why the others are upset – we know Ferrari has used something like that for a year.”

These fresh accusations come as some surprise to Ferrari as a team spokesperson told AUTOSPORT:

“This is completely untrue,” they told AUTOSPORT.

“Did they really accuse us of cheating? Are you sure? Anyway, we have all the confidence in the FIA’s role to make sure all the regulations are fully respected.”

So who has a hand-adjusted ride height system and who doesn’t. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner blamed the teams domination as the reason for the increased scrutiny but this is the first time the team has leveled accusations at Ferrari and all but admitted, through blame-shifting, that they have the system Ferrari has and that it is hand-adjustable.

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