Red Bull Considering KERS *updated*

The threat of McLaren’s resurgent form has Red Bull’s team boss Christian Horner considering the long abandoned KERS for the next race at Spa.

McLaren’s resurgent, and dominant, form in recent weeks has put some serious concern on Red Bull’s challenge of catching the Brawn GP car of Jenson Button who currently holds the points lead.

In order to stave off the McLaren’s, it may be that the KERS unit is needed as the benefit gained as a launch boost at the start of the race has given McLaren a distinct advantage. Staying in front of the McLaren’s is Red Bull’s only hope of dislodging Brawn’s Button from the points lead and McLaren may very well be the only thing standing in Red Bulls way.

Horner told Autosport:

“We continue to evaluate KERS on an ongoing basis,” he explained. “Obviously KERS’ performance at the last race and probably here are making an obvious benefit, so it is something we have not abandoned for this year.

“We have the system there and are evaluating the system on a race-by-race basis.”

This just in from Speed TV:

Red Bull Rules Out Using KERS: Red Bull figures Christian Horner and Sebastian Vettel have denied rumors the team is considering introducing KERS within the next few races. “So late in the season, that would be a big risk,” team boss Horner is quoted as saying by Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport. “Without KERS our car should be capable of winning at Spa.” German race driver Vettel agrees that, in the midst of a championship contest with Brawn, experimenting with KERS would not be a good idea. “We would need two races to set up the
car optimally with the ballast, and even then there would be no guarantee that we would profit from the system,” he said. Brawn GP also ruled out using the technology at any of the remaining six races of the season. “Trying to put it in this late in the season would be insane,” championship leader Jenson Button is quoted as saying. Team boss Ross Brawn ruled out the scenario from a technical perspective. “It is not an option for us because our car would be too heavy. “Even with the Mercedes system it is not possible for us to put (KERS) in without then having a weight handicap,” he added, explaining that there may also be problems with cooling the system given the design parameters of the BGP001 car.

Kudos to Speed TV for the scoop.

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