Red Bull engine decision imminent?

redbull70‘Formula Mercedes’ beckons. Meanwhile, Cosworth’s position as a standardized customer engine supplier looks like more of a myth than ever.

Red Bull Racing says it will decide on its 2010 engine supplier “within a matter of days.” Furthermore, the team has hinted that the Mercedes motor is a tempting option, especially considering Sebastian Vettel’s two engine failures at Valencia. These Helmut Marko (RBR motorsport advisor) quotes shamelessly expropriated from the emporium that is Autosport:

“Regarding the preparation for next year’s car we have to sort this out by the end of August, thus within the next few days,” he explained. “This is the last issue to decide in a big strategy.

“We have had our drivers’ contracts extended. Moreover, all team personnel at the highest and next higher level are basically committed to us until 2012. That means we have continuity and stability within the team for the next few years”.

He added: “There are good arguments for extending the Renault contract and there are good ones for a switch to Mercedes.

“Of course there are facts that cannot be ignored, be it the four engine failures Sebastian had this year, with two occurring the last weekend. The six Mercedes drivers had none this year.”

Marko also said that he had no qualms about the quality of Mercedes-Benz engines being compromised by it supplying four teams – McLaren, Brawn GP, Force India and Red Bull – in the event of it concluding a deal.

“I am convinced they have the capacity to provide engines for four teams,” he explained.

Also, Marko dismissed the possible use of KERS, both this season and next. He said that as long as FOTA boycotts the technology, Red Bull will do the same.

Finally, Marko adds that he expects the Red Bull to shine in Spa, Monza, Suzuka, and perhaps Interlagos. Abu Dhabi, he says, is a bit of a wild card. Presumably that means Red Bull expect to struggle in Singapore? Bad news, as another Valencia-esque result would probably bury the championship even deeper.

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