Red Bull fast in Brazil?


We were discussing the issue of Mark Webber and the Japanese Grand Prix in Podcast #127. In the podcast Paul mentioned that he thought the team was using the race as a test session. I had offered that they were testing tire compounds to help make the right decision for Vettel during the race but Paul stayed true to the assertion that they were possibly testing other things.

It seems Paul was correct. According the James “The Ear” Allen, Red Bull were indeed testing new front wings and specifically the new wing for Brazil. It seems the team quickly realized the race was a wash and decided to fit new kit tot he car in preparation for Brazil.

As James expertly points out, the team were pleased that Webber set the fastest lap with the new wing and that may be a precursor to the form we can expect at Interlagos. As we mused in Podcast #127, it is difficult to do an on-the-fly test as you are not necessarily planning on a test nor did you bring an entire test team to try parts. But it seems REd Bull had the foresight to bring the new wings anyway.

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