Red Bull goes all ‘New Agey’ in the pits

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I’ll let you all be the judge of how this fits into Formula 1.

Red Bull today announced a partnership with FIR-TEX to outfit its pit crew with what I can only describe as a “New Age”-sounding uniform.

Here’s from Red Bull’s release:

Red Bull Racing is pleased to announce that FIR-TEX (Far Infrared Rays TEXtile) has joined the team as an Innovation Partner. The agreement means the team’s pit crew will wear their revolutionary FIR-VEST underneath its team clothing during the 2010 grands prix.

Shown to improve circulation, balance and wellbeing, the FIR-VEST is one of the new products produced by FIR-TEX. Using Far Infrared Rays (healthy radiations) which ‘switch on’ when activated by body heat, the vests have been shown to protect the wearer from stressful electromagnetic radiation and increase power and endurance – important aspects within the demanding world of Formula One.

Far Infrared Ray products are normally created with just three or four mineral oxides, but FIR-TEX products include dozens of the best quality mineral oxides which, when used together, have demonstrated unequalled performance results. In line with Formula One technology, every single one of FIR-TEX’s new formulas, specific oxides and application modes are kept completely secret.

Iwan Postel, co-founder and CEO of FIR-TEX Ltd said: “Everybody will agree that Formula One represents the peak of technological innovation, Red Bull is not only one of the best teams at the moment, but is also excellent at marketing. There was therefore no better partner for FIR-TEX as it starts unveiling a series of INNOVATION and ENDORSEMENT agreements”.

It certainly is innovative, I’ll give them that. But what exactly is “stressful electromagnetic radiation?”

I also like how the materials are being kept secret.

As Todd might say, color me skeptical. Speaking of Todd, I think he should ask for a sample and give us a report.

Anyone have any knowledge of this stuff?


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