Red Bull has no strengths anywhere

At this point, the frustration must be tangible for Red Bull Racing and you can understand why. The struggling power unit of Renault with the reduced aero impact of the new chassis designs and very little to show for the first part of the 2015 season means things can only improve right?

According to RBR driver Daniel Ricciardo, that may not be the case:


“We’re by no means the quickest in the fast corners so we’re not really optimal,” said Ricciardo.

“I think last year we lacked power but we were making it up through some high-speed corners and I think we haven’t gained at least in some areas.

“Unfortunately we don’t have a gain anywhere.

“In some places we’re sort of there or thereabouts but we’re not strong anywhere at the moment.”


Effectively they are struggling in just about every area with waning hope that Renault might close the gap to Ferrari and Mercedes and this is in conjunction with a progressing McLaren.

While McLaren have their own struggles, the team have had steady progress even if they are bereft of points this season. The fact remains that given where they started, progress is happening. Should the folks from Woking be on par with RBR come season end, there will be even more difficult questions about RBR’s prospects in Formula 1 going forward.

That may not come to fruition as Ricciardo has been finishing in the points at each race but that’s cold comfort for a team who just won four titles on the trot.


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“You lost today, kid. …doesn’t mean you have to like it.” RBR and McLaren both got their 2015 solutions very wrong. Tough. Welcome to constructor-based competition. That doesn’t mean that you’re justified in whining about getting the wrong answer to the question of how to get a Formula 1 machine around a circuit faster than the other poor bloke. Suck it up, buttercup, get to work, and find a better solution. Even the best teams have years when the struggle. Remember Penske Racing failing to qualify for the 500 in 1995? I have no sympathy for RBR in this, and… Read more »

Will Irwin

I certainly agree about RBR as whiners in general, but to Dan Ricciardo’s credit, his quotes here do not indicate that he follows his bosses’ template of throwing the supplier under a bus, lobbying for in-season rule changes, threatening to quit the sport or claiming divine right of kings etc. We can forgive him for a bit of frustration. Now those other characters….

Tommy Mac

AND your not justified in whining about the whiners whinging


At least Renault have all those power unit development tokens in hand…
I don’t know that using all the tokens over the winter would have solved all their power deficit or reliability issues, but it can hardly be worse.


Pure music to my ears. Though I feel for Ricciardo. Get rid of Massa and would love to see him at Williams.