Red Bull is armed with a re-energized ‘Newey’

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There was a time when Adrian Newey was involved in every aspect of a car’s creation but over the years, his interests have strayed to America’s Cup and the Aston Martin hypercar. Red Bull have done all they can to keep Adrian motivated to stay including letting him not work on F1 much.

His design genius is as such that even working on F1 in a secondary or tertiary role adds seconds to a car’s performance and Red Bull knows this. The good news is, according to Autosport, that Red Bull has found a way to motivate Adrian and that new motivation comes in the form of Honda power.

“Newey doesn’t want a normal working day anymore,” said Helmet Marko. “He is working for us on a daily allowance.

“He was very fascinated and interested in the Valkyrie project.

“You always need new tasks for him. If Newey knows that you have no chance with the engine, then you don’t have the same Newey as now.

“He was at the Honda Development Centre in Sakura [in December].”

First, I like how Marko refers to him as “Newey”. Not Adrian, but Newey. Adrian has achieved a single name status like Prince, Madonna, Shaq, and Obama. Newey. If it’s all the same to you, I would call him Mr. Newey because I don’t personally know him but when writing about him, forgive me if I use Adrian.

Second, I also found it interesting when Marko (see what I did there?) said that he isn’t interested if he knows the power unit gives you no chance. This refers to their alliance with Renault engines and Adrian lost interest because he felt the engine would never give them a chance to be competitive. So what does that say about his hope or thoughts on the new Honda power unit supply or Red Bull?

Is that a positive sign? I said earlier this month that Red Bull will have to bring Honda to face the reality of F1 and where they legitimately reside in the power scale. Honda needs Red Bull’s guidance, not the other way around and the team needs to avoid the culture clash that McLaren presented them with.

Adrian will be a big stick in the room at Honda’s HQ and there would be few who would be foolish enough to lord over Adrian or question his achievements and skills. Honda would do well to listen to everything Adrian says because after all…he is NEWEY!

Hat Tip: Autosport

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I don’t see any other way to read “He is working for us on a daily allowance” than that he is paid by the day. It’s hard to square the idea that he’s just popping in and out of the office whenever he feels like it with Marko’s claim here that Newey is reinvigorated by the Honda motor. That said, I work in a company with a very large base of aging engineering experts, and it’s quite common for folks near retirement age to pare back their involvement to around 20 hours per week. It works out well for both… Read more »


Be afraid. Be very afraid.