Red Bull launch RB19

If I’m honest, that was a difficult launch program to watch. Up front, let me say that I miss the extravagant launches of yesteryear but I understand the cost cap and need to save money so online launches of more modest scope have become the standard.

However, this was very modest in scope for a world championship winning team. I understood the intent o get other red Bull athletes involved but none of them had a clue about F1. One got completely lost in his own thoughts and the hosts were not doing the program any justice. Ear rings clanging against the Countryman mic boom, that NASCAR-draw that Marty has and bromance for Dan coupled with the introduction of Stefano Domenicali who never showed up.

That last one is an epic fail from a PR and marketing standpoint during a product launch. I assume he was at a remote location and they were going to have him conference in but then Marty made it sound as if he was in the building so maybe not. Maybe he was on TV at Fox and the segments didn’t line up, who knows? Anyway, a swing and a miss.


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OMG. Amateur night. First hiring non-native English speakers in order to appear international is silly. Then hiring a “good ‘ol boy,” to appeal to a growing US audience who uses “we” and “brother” way to often (what is he anyway within the organization? No clue). Hiding poor, very amateur video F1 promo driving on dirt – tapes/edited under the guise of a supposed AI control (BS)… Look, I get it, Red Bull’s clients need to be younger (less healthy) clients… but I would suspect that 95% of all the people who (can afford to) buy tickets to F1 events are… Read more »