Red Bull: No holes? No big deal, we have a new floor


The FIA’s recent ruling that Red Bull Racing’s placement of holes in the floor of their RB8 challenger are deemed illegal won’t impact the team according to team adviser Helmut Marko. You see,the team were planning on using a different floor anyway. At least that’s the commentary from Marko telling AUTOSPORT:

“We had not planned to use this floor in Montreal anyway,” he said.

“We had prepared a different configuration using a flat version of the floor. Therefore we do not need to modify the cars in Canada.”

Fair enough, the holes weren’t on the teams radar for Canada but one has to wonder if this ruling made things a little more clear with respect to what the team will do moving forward. While team boss Christian Horner was confident the holes, just in front of the rear wheels, were within regulations, the new floor seemed oddly quick to appear. That’s just being prudent in my book.

So the team head off to Canada this week with a new floor and every hope of clawing back the performance they lost since 2011. Holes withstanding, the question is can the team capitalize on their victory in Monaco as Pirelli is bringing the same tire compounds (soft and super-soft) they used in the principality. The RB8 seemed effective on those compounds but Canada is a much faster circuit than Monaco.

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