Red Bull offends 46 Brits, you thought Vettel was bad?

Red Bull hasn’t always been shy about offending people with its adverts and this week it seems they’ve done it again. According the the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) 46 complaints were filed with the organization about the ad.

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The implication is that the ship might not have sunk or at least people might have survived if they had Red Bull on board as it gives you wings. The Titanic Heritage Trust founder, Howard Nelson, said:

‘There is a difference between making a joke and this.

‘I get jokes all the time about icebergs and the like, taking the mick out of my interest in the Titanic, but that is banter.

‘This is blatantly offensive because it is taking the mick out of the people who have passed away.

‘It would be the same if someone did something similar about 9/11 – there would be an uproar. This is no different.’

The Daily Mail quotes the ASA as saying:

“We have received 46 complaints about the Red Bull Titanic advert so far.

‘They believe the reference to the Titanic is tasteless and offensive.

‘We’re only in the early stages. We’ll assess the complaints and establish whether there are grounds for further action. No investigation has been launched at this stage.’

Red Bull certainly have their own character to their ads but to be honest, I’ve never found them that appealing. I think a company the size of Red Bull could do a lot better. this is the team that P*$$&d off the entire country of France in their Red Bulletin magazine in the early days with cheeky, witty commentary about the Formula 1 circus at the French Grand Prix. It was humorous and  well played as France banned their product.

Grace and I have talked about this in the past. We miss the days of the plucky Red Bull team that gave access behind the curtain and used their position in Formula 1 as a way to bring fans into the sport by having a sense of humor and not being afraid to shake things up a bit all in good fun. Now that they are winning, I guess they have to be all grown up and McLaren-like.

Their commercials on the other hand seem to be sophomoric compared to what they are capable of and especially in Formula 1.It’s still odd to me that a team who has won three championships does very little branding and promoting of their F1 efforts and yet you can’t get away from their brand at your local X-Treme sporting event. Seriously? Skateboarding is fine but three titles and not much to show for it in the way of adverts, commercials or print?

Having said that, I am in America which isn’t the F1 capital of the world, and perhaps Red Bull are ramming their F1 exploits down the throat of Europe and the UK. Perhaps I just don’t see it. Perhaps their commercials are knee-slapping hilarious to European’s and people in Austria and this type of comedic genius is lost on us dull Americans. Edgy, offensive or not…I just don’t think the commercials are that effective. Why not get Mark Webber in a commercial with Seb sitting a floor below him poking his iPhone or better yet, have a podium ceremony with Seb being booed for basically having wings. That would be more effective to me.

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