Red Bull on fire…KERS the cause

The Red Bull factory had to be evacuated after a new electrical component failed during testing giving off a lot of smoke which in turn set off the fire alarm. Mark Webber was one of the employees evacuated.

“While carrying out some testing on development items for the future an electrical development component failed and gave off a lot of smoke. This set off the smoke detectors and fire alarms.

“In accordance with drills practised regularly at the factory, Building 1 was evacuated. The incident has absolutely no effect on preparation for this weekend’s German GP.”

I think it was one of two things: They were burning all of the DC signage in order to make room for the new Der Seb signs and clothing. OR

The announcement of Der Seb is so hot that it has people burning with anticipation of what is to come.

or a third?…maybe Adrian is using a hot plate in his office and we know that is against company rules. Raman noodles must be warmed in the kitchen facility in a microwave and Adrian must not feel he is above the law on this one.

UPDATE: Apparently the cause of the fire has now been identified as their KERS system batteries. you can see the story here at our fine folks at Autosport. So I wonder how much green house gas was caused by this fire and will a full year of running a successful KERS system offset the damage done?

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