Red Bull reveal livery; offer warning

Red Bull Racing has revealed the livery of their 2016 chassis and it’s a unique matte finish which seems to trendy now in the sports car market. It’s an interesting look and while I tend to not follow trends, I do kind of like it for some reason. Maybe it’s just different.

Red Bull also offered a slight warning as they could find themselves being beaten by their junior team driven by Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen due to the Ferrari engine supply the youngsters will be sporting in 2016 as Christian Horner said:

“We’ve got our heads down and hope to create surprises later on in the year,” Horner.

“We know that the first half of the year is different.

“For example, Toro Rosso has bolted in 0.8 seconds into their car through a different power unit. That is a significant amount of performance.

“We are hoping to make similar gains throughout the year but obviously the chassis is going to have to prop that up.”

He’s got a point and if he feels the re-badged Renault isn’t on par, still, the 2015 Ferrari engine could propel Toro Rosso ahead of the Red Bull squad. Now that’s some humble pie but at least they head in to the year knowing that up front so they have, apparently, right-sized their expectations.

It’s an interesting turn of events and while Red Bull admit that aero genius Adrian Newey continues to become more removed from the operation on a daily basis, why couldn’t Franz Tost and James key, along with Max and Carlos, end up with a better chassis and car and now become the lead team in a brace of Red Bull badged teams? Key is no stranger to genius himself as far as car design goes and a Ferrari lump is a good addition.

It also could play well into garnering attention for the potential sale of the team to another manufacturer who could find the allure of F1 and it’s hybrid V6 an enticing proposition.


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Paul KieferJr

I’d like to think that they’re going to challenge Williams for 3rd. The way Horner keeps talking, it sounds like they’re not going to make it.


There’s no way on earth STR will become the senior team, despite probably being quicker for much of this year. Toro Rosso have a fraction of RBR’s budget, and RBR has the brand name. The moment they were given 2015 Ferrari lumps it was obvious that STR would be quicker this year – Horner’s pretty much saying what everyone already knew months ago. Of course its possible that Renault have made substantial performance gains over the winter & Horner’s engaging in a little sandbagging, but its hard to believe that’s the case. Even if Renault said they’d made major advances,… Read more »

Jack Flash (Australia)

Why not “Fast and the Furious” style LED running lights on the skirts?
Now that would grab some serious attention.

Not necessarily good attention.,,, but attention never-the-less.
Pffft… Why not be more like the old irreverent Red Bull? JF

The Sarcastic SOB

What was the point of the Tag-Heuer engine deal if we are going to keep referring to ‘Renault’ ?
The season hasn’t even started and already RBR is whining about their engine.
Can’t they just shut up and drive??