Red Bull says new diffuser by Monaco

The FIA announced that the Double-decker diffuser is legal today and that has launched the engineering divisions of Renault, BMW, Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and STR are kicking in to full gear to get a diffuser fitted to their cars.

There is nothing really short in the re-engineering of any product; least of which an F1 car. Red Bull has challenges with the suspension type they are running this year where Ferrari and McLaren may not struggle as much…of so conventional wisdom suggests. However, Grace and I suggested that we thought the new diffusers would be fitted to the car by the Spanish Grand Prix because they can’t afford to wait too late as valuable points are being gobbled up by Brawn GP.

According to Red Bull, however, the new diffuser might be ready by Monaco. That seems late to me as they need it sooner to stop the bleeding of points each race. More importantly Ferrari and McLaren need it immediately.

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