Red Bull says ‘not so fast Peter’

While McLaren are making the right moves to bolster their technical department, getting those moves executed may take some time. The recent announcement regarding the signing of Red Bull aero chief, Peter Prodromou, may be great news for McLaren but they also may be waiting a while before the change can actually take place.

According to Red Bull’s Christian Horner, there is time left on Prodromou’s contract and they expect him to see that to the end as AUTOSPORT points out:

“The content of any contract obviously is confidential, but the duration of his contract runs for quite a while yet.

“We are certainly in no rush to release him early and he will be with the team until the end of his existing agreement.”

McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh knows this and said:

“Currently he is employed by Red Bull and we have to respect that.

“So that is why we are not talking about time frames or anything.

“It is for Red Bull to discuss. It is not in my power.”

There is also the obvious case of signing a person who still have a significant amount of time left on their contract. On one side you can make a case for Red Bull to stick Peter to his contractual obligation and in most cases that would be a good idea but there is another side of that equation in Formula 1. Would you really want Peter to continue working on highly sensitive details knowing that he is going to the competition?

Some of that depends on what Red Bull are relying on Peter for. If his contribution is mission critical, then they have little choice but to demand he sees the balance of his contract while they also try to minimize the damage of his departure and find his replacement.

McLaren have been poached and looted of late with Paddy Lowe and Lewis Hamilton jumping ship but they are taking the right steps to rebuild their team with the best people they can get. The question is, how long will it take?

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