Red Bull still critical of tires

Even thought they won the bahrain Grand Prix, Red Bull boss Christian Horner still feels that this years tire compounds are too knife-edge. According to Horner, there is a finite window of performance and it is elusive at best:

“These tyres are very complex and we got it just right here,” he said.

“The strategy worked, the strategy from qualifying worked in conserving tyres for the race, and Seb had plenty in hand.

“When you’re in the window with the balance with these tyres, then you can have a dominant display.

“But that window is very, very fine and if you’re outside of it then you can be four or five-stopping.

It comes down to balance and finding the right window for gaining the best performance. This window and challenge is apparently what fans want to see and what Pirelli believes is a tactical challenge that adds to the sport. Even Pirelli use the word balance telling AUTOSPORT:

“We are at extremes, as we were last year when there were similar comments like, ‘oh my god, you have gone too far,'” he said.

“If we made products that would just work here, we would find we had major problems when we got to the rest of the season. So, it is a balancing act.”

Pirelli will asses their performance during the three-week break and decide if a small adjustment should be made. For Red Bull, the tires are simply too soft and they’d like a re-think for the remainder of 2013.

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