Red Bull struggling with ‘patience’ over Renault engine

Perhaps the good news is that Renault say they are finding good results on their dyno with the much-anticipated power unit upgrades but while that may be the case, how much patience Red Bull can muster may be a more pressing issue.

Team boss Christian Horner said:


“Like any competitive team we want performance yesterday, and unfortunately with engines the lead time is a lot longer than with the chassis,” Horner said via the official Formula 1 website.

“Patience is something that we are not really good at. We want to have performance as soon as possible.”


All of this while many are trying to divine just what Renault’s real long-term intention in Formula 1 truly is. Suggestions of buying a team so as to have a works presence to actually leaving the sport completely have filled columns in the press.

Will Renault actually leave the sport? Will they purchase Toro Rosso or Lotus F1? Will they continue to be committed to their power unit development? Will Joanie and Chachi get back together?

If you’re Horner, how much patience do you have in order to afford Renault their poking around at making a decision to commit to F1 or not? Meanwhile you’re team is getting beat like an egg white for an F1 meringue.

One has to assume Red Bull knows better than most about what Renault’s intent is in F1 and as a customer with an engine supply contract good through 2016, one hopes Renault will release serious engine upgrades that will have an immediate impact on performance.

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You can understand the frustration, as the season slips away and improvements haven’t been that apparent. Has there been any update from Renault? How has the input from Mario Illien affected what Renault are doing? Are Renault (and Honda) still constrained by the development tokens system or have rule changes allowed more freedom?
Lots of questions, no answers, over to you Todd and MIE to find some ;-)

Paul KieferJr

Unfortunately, when you’re so far down in the points, patience isn’t exactly a luxury one can afford.

Meine Postma

Still, could be worse if they had Honda.


And the other random thought, Torro Rosso don’t seem to be being as hampered by the Renault P.U’s. Would Renault be equally justified in asking Horner when Red Bull are going to get their chassis and aero packages sorted?

Van Dieu

Renault must also be very disappointed that are partnered with a team whose chassis is not showing off the potential of the engine.