Red Bull tip Vettel for title; Verstappen to remain

The summer break is in full swing but Red Bull boss, Helmet Marko, feels it will do Sebastian Vettel good as he’ll come back more focused than ever and clinch the title.

“I believe in Vettel, because I know his mental strength – and Ferrari has raised its game,” said Marko.

“Silverstone, I would say, was an exception – Ferrari was clearly the stronger car in the first half of the season and only due to various circumstances could they not materialise all their chances.

“Seb will use this summer break to come back even stronger.

“That’s how I know him.”

Whether or not that happens, we’ll have to wait and see as the Belgian Grand Prix should be a good play ground for Mercedes power but if Ferrari can hang with the Mercs, it could add some serious credence to Marko’s comments.

Just down the hall, in the office of the other Red Bull boss Christian Horner, the thought of silly season and his young new talent, Max Verstappen, making a break for greener pastures isn’t something he thinks will happen if the team can get their race pace sorted.

“He’s impatient like any youngster but he’s objective enough to know that there’s good stuff in the pipeline.

“And from where we started the season to where we are now, the trajectory has been right there as soon as we sorted out the issues with correlation from earlier in the year.

“We’ve seen very sharp progress.”

Max has a contract through 2019 but what will happen after that, it’s difficult to say. Will Red Bull manage to get an extension?

“What’s reflected on a piece of paper has to reflect desire from both sides.

“There’s no point talking past the end of Max’s current contract at the moment, because it’s down to us to provide him with a car that he can compete and win in.

“And I’m sure if we do that, I don’t think there’s any other team that Max would rather be in.”

Things change and I am sure the team felt the same about Vettel but he chose to leave as well. The reality is that Max will look for the team that gives him the best chance for a title and who knows? If Red Bull and Renault get their power issues sorted, it could be the team to be at.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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I’ve always liked Christian, just don’t screw up his birthday ;-P

Negative Camber

LOL…you’ve heard my story on the podcast when I wished him a happy birthday a day early. :)

Salvu Borg

It’s not a good thing to screw somebody’s birthday (16 Nov -44).