Red Bull to ‘address start issue with Webber’

We’ve certainly scratched out collective heads over the continued poor starts from Red Bull’s Mark Webber and last Sunday we were witness to yet another slow one. This time, however, it seem a clutch problem was the culprit according to the team.

“We had a clutch that under delivered and created a horrible start for Mark,” Horner told AUTOSPORT

“We could see on the formation lap that the clutch did not appear to be performing as it should. Adjustments were made on the formation lap but the clutch has not delivered as it should have done at the start.”

It just seems almost comical now that Webber continues to struggle with the starts. If it were simply getting the timing and button pushing down, you would think the simulator would be the place to sort that out but it seems like it’s certainly more than that. Surely the tricky button-pushing is something Webber can handle.

Too many races have fallen prey to the Webber slow start and Horner reckons to the team needs to do something about it and quick.

“We approach each race as they come, we try to get the best out of the car, we keep pushing in all areas – but there are things we need to improve,” said Horner.

“We particularly need to address the start issue with Mark, and have to get on top of that. It has cost us too many points so far.”

We agree, it’s difficult to see Mark struggle to get off the start when a guy like Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso makes so much progress on the launch. Imagine how Mark would be doing if all of his starts were spot on this season? Finding pace on track is really hard and it seems that the start might be low-hanging fruit for the team to sort out and gain big time on track. Odd they haven’t seemed as adamant in the past to get this sorted as it’s be going on now for some time.

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