Red Bull want Vettel long-term: Stock rises


There is no doubt that the hottest name in F1 today is Sebastian Vettel. Many may not always agree but few can suggest that this young man has not deserved the accolades as a self-made driver with no professional sports manager or PR person. He has done it all on his own and found support from vital areas to promote his career.

Red Bull have made it clear that they are looking at Vettel in a long-term posture after the current contract expires at the end of 2010. McLaren has been keen to speak with Vettel about the opportunities they would be willing to offer (horrible decision as long as Lewis is there). BMW, who let Vettel go from a test driver contract are also seeking to rekindle the relationship.

Not to be outdone, Bernie Ecclestone has taken a very keen interest in Sebastian’s career and suggested that he will do what needs to be done to get him in a top team. At the time of that statement, Red Bull’s 2009 competitiveness was unproven and now, Sebastian may be in a “top” team. There is no secret that Bernie wants Sebastian at Ferrari and with the Fernando Alonso to Ferrari in 2011 rumors, that may not be a good move either.

Sebastian has a lot to think about. future potential at Red Bull is dependent on Adrian Newey’s contract length and the question marks about Renault continuing as the engine supplier add to the confusion. while it seems Der Seb has the world by the tail, his next move may be the most important of his career…just ask Alonso.

“We see our future with Sebastian. We want to strengthen and expand our team around him.” “Sebastian feels comfortable with us. If we give him cars with which he can drive at the front, there will be no reason for him to move.”

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