Red Bull’s ‘Aeroscreen’ to make debut in Russia

If you weren’t a big fan of the Mercedes HALO device, then perhaps you’ll like the Red Bull Aeroscreen better.

Red Bull will test their version of the cockpit canopy or driver protection device in the lead up tot eh Russian Grand Prix this weekend.

The FIA are keen to find a solution of protecting the driver from errant debris and possible serious or fatal results from a driver’s head being struck by this debris. Justin Wilson, Felipe Massa and Henry Surtees were examples of how dangerous and tragic these incidents can be.

Wanting to reduce the risk of serious head injury is understandable but not everyone is in agreement on how best to do that with mixed reviews of the Mercedes HALO design that Ferrari tried earlier this year. The new Aeroscreen will be tested and at first blush I’m curious how they anticipate handling rain, fogging or other moisture related issues.

Ferrari halo test 2

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Hm, the advantage of being able to see the driver is pretty much lost with the reflection it seems. This certainly does look sleek, although I did not have anything against the Halo. And off course it should be tested for how much it helps, and how it will affect drivers getting in or, more importantly, out of the cars with this fitted (the Halo was supposed to be able to go up over their heads I think?). And they still need to solve visibility issues for the drivers in regards to distortion and dirt buildup (and water). I would… Read more »


Jut curious – I wonder how much aero benefit they can get out of the them.


And that’s that main thing that’s going to influence its implementation imo.


Didn’t the FIA prefer the halo over a full canopy after testing what would happen if a loose wheel and tyre hit it? The canopy flexed enough to fire the wheel/tyre high into the air. This was considered to increase the risk of the errant wheel going over the debris fencing and into the crowd. I wonder if the Red Bull solution would behave in the same way? Whatever solution is chosen, the impact of all risks will need to be assessed in order to select the best solution. The visual impact of the solution is so far down the… Read more »


My understanding is the flexing of the screen took away energy and lowered the overall trajectory. The wheel can bounce up after hitting anything, flexible or not.


An old Autosport article on early tests.
It appears that the VIA wanted a solid structure that would deflate the tyre, to help reduce its ability to bounce further.


I respect your view and your commitment to the drivers but I really don’t agree I think there’s a point where it’s okay to put the look of the sport above a certain small measure of safety, call me a monster. I think the halo is so awful it alone would cause me to stop watching F1. It’s aesthetically nightmarish and the signal it sends is ‘coward inside – no adventure permissible – nanny state!’ and I HATE IT. The distance F1 safety has come is staggering and wonderful. These guys are safer than we are on the freeway, and… Read more »


I take your point about the safest place to have an accident is probably on an F1 circuit during the Grand Prix. It has always been a dangerous sport, and will continue to be so, however with so many millions now watching the races live, it isn’t acceptable to the sponsors to have racing drivers killed on live TV. It is however apparently OK if they are killed at race tracks where millions aren’t watching live. The high cockpit sides introduced in the wake of the accidents in 1994 were incredibly ugly. The same regulations are present today, but the… Read more »


All good points. BTW I just listened to the five live Sochi preview and there’s a discussion of these very issues in the latter part with some surprising views I thought.


I want Red Bull return to their “Impish and Fun-filled Roots”, and cheekily add a string of recessed LED lights along each side the Cooling Bodywork/Cowlings where it meets the Floor.

How cool would THAT look in Singapore?

Maybe play “Duff-Duff” music loud out of rear Sub-woofers to make up for the lack of sufficiently pleasant PU Sound. Very Fast n the Furious. ROFL.


it looks absolutely stupid.

Dr T

I’ve just been watching some old fatal accidents that are on YouTube (went there to find out about Stefan Bellof after his appearance on the F1 website for amazing overtakes at Monaco). The two options mooted are about protected the head. But then you look at some of the crashes from WEC and Nascar where the driver is completely enclosed and still dies. These head protections are really only dealing with one very rare method of injury in racing. Most of the injury comes from deceleration accidents (ie the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object) – and the design skill… Read more »