Red Bull’s Horner not worried over FIA tests

Red Bull’s Christian Horner has shared his thoughts with AUTOSPORT‘s Mr. Noble about the new, increased scope FIA testing which will include new front wing testing this weekend as well as new chassis floor testing prior to Monza. You’ll recall that AUTOSPORT ran a story this morning, and we discussed it here, about the newer, stricter tests to be used.

So how does Horner really feel about the new floor test to be conducted before the next event at Monza? He tells AUTOSPORT:

“I can’t say it will affect us any more or less than any other team. I haven’t had a chance to look at the regulation in detail, and you would have to have a chat with Adrian [Newey, technical chief] about that, but I don’t think it poses us any major concerns.

“We’ve been questioned so many times this year – whether it be ride-height systems, whether it be suspension, whether it be blown diffusers. It has been the front wing and now it is the floors, so our guys take it as a compliment that so much of the car has attracted so much attention. But it is understandable, when it [the car] has been as quick as it has, especially in Budapest.”

So if it isn’t the floor flexing and it’s not the front wing flexing and the car isn’t outrageously raked to get the desired effect, as McLaren’s Martin Whitmarsh points out, then what is it? As I mentioned in our previous post, the only thing that seems to be really flexing is the truth and just who defines that truth versus who interprets it.

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