Red Flag Scuppers Pole for Red Bull


Red Bull Racing figure they may have had a 1-2 for the start of the Singapore Grand Prix had the red flag not waved following Rubens Barrichello’s clouting of the wall with 26 seconds remaining in Q3.

Both Red Bull drivers Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel were on scrubbed tires and had changed to new slicks just prior to the accident.

“Unfortunately, when the red flag came out it was my first run on new tyres,” said Vettel. “I had previously been on used tyres so my flying lap wasn’t as relaxed as it might have been. But at the end of the day it’s great to be qualifying near the front again.”

Mark Webber was also not happy about the timing of the red flag.

“You never think your first run is going to be for the grid, so I think everyone leaves a bit of a margin,” webber said. “I was on scrubbed tyres and was banking on a big lap on my second run. I’m not sure who was on new tyres, but we’re fourth so let’s see.”

Perhaps the man in the best seat to know if his drivers were on pace for pole is team boss Christian Horner.

“It was disappointing that it got red flagged before the end as both our guys were on really strong laps and we felt we could lock out the front row,” Horner said.

“But, both men drove well throughout all the sessions and second and fourth are good places to start in a long and tough race.”

The key will be the lighter fuel load that Vettel has as he is faced with the task of getting around Lewis Hamilton’s KERS-equipped McLaren at the start.

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