The first corner robbed seven cars of potential this weekend but that is attrition and that is F1.  Unlike last year’s debacle, the race was ran and ran well.  The crowd was supportive, willing to be apologized to and Michelin had come to make amends with the entire event that is the US Grand Prix.


Last year was an ill-fitting shoe that lacked the laces and sole to travel.  This year was just pure F1 racing with a little icing on top to say we’re sorry.  As I previously posted, Michelin should be commended for their efforts to make good on last years letdown and as their swan song maneuver before bowing out of F1; I applaud them harder and longer so as to awkwardly be the last one clapping when everyone else stops.


Ferrari may very well find that Michelin will be as aggressive in France as they wanted to be this weekend and should provide a hard drive to the end of the season.  But in the end, what we really witnessed was thousands of people, organizations and sponsors working together to provide one ultimate goal; to say we are sorry for last year and here is to the crowd we so errantly slapped in the face.  Redemption would be the word for the entire weekend as so evidently pointed out by Sam Posey during Speed TV’s broadcast.

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