Redemption: Massa needed this! Badly. When faced with the daunting task of redeeming his good name; all hats must tip to the terrific drive he put in. I have had my concerns about Massa but if he can recoil from head-madness like Malaysia; there is more than just hope.

Reckoning: One cannot marginalize Lewis Hamilton’s ability any longer as he drove a terrific race at Bahrain. While the Race Card has been flying around the Speed forums and the Tiger woods analogies are rampant; I think Time is the best fan for the Hamilton flame. I think the young man is incredibly talented and should do very well but I think there are many factors that comprise his success so far. We’ll play that out in a upcoming Podcast.

Reality: Kimi has been given a dose of reality that his role at Ferrari is equally as important as Massa’s and his ability to take the WC in F1 will be more reliant on tactics, pace and his personal dedication to winning instead of just running. Kimi has all the earmarks of being a terrific champion but this year is going to make him earn every single point he can claim.

Reality: Alonso also faces reality of his own. A good car out of the box, a new team and a new drive to win. Unfortunately he has a teammate who has knocked the stuffing out of all of these new-found recipes for success and Nick Heidfeld let the Double-champion know that BMW will not go quietly. Fernando is a terrific driver and I am anxious to see his reaction to a strong Ferrari, uber-talented teammate and resurgent BMW. Things are getting very tight for turn one.

Resurgence: I think everyone at BMW should be given a special paid holiday for their efforts in making BMW a real threat. Not an also-ran but literally nipping at the heels of the foregone front-runners. Nick’s pass on Alonso was the shot across the bow that BMW are here to be competitive and win. Many, drinking the David Hobbs kool aid, are critical of Nick but his pass on Alonso was not the mere trappings of a man desperate for a job; it was a terrific piece of racing. I recall JPM passing Schumi and the world was shattered as JPM fans reckoned the doom of the 7-time Champ. Seems Nick’s pass was little more than a desperate man bereft of skill looking to sign a contract. I would completely disagree and suggest that marginalizes not only Nick but BMW as a whole. With all due respect Mr. Hobbs, let’s give Nick and BMW credit for creating a team from nothing; their performance has a lot to do with hundreds of people; not just Nick’s suggested lazy attitude.

Honorably mention: DC for running like the DC of old. Let’s face it, he seemed very motivated and as the veteran; let’s hear polite golf applause. Mention should go to the Aguri team for making a real showing of what a Honda engine can do before having technical difficulties. More to come…

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