Regenerative shock absorbers?

Who needs KERS when you could have a regenerative shock absorber fitted to the F1 car? the big issue is going to be the name…if they have any chance of making it to F1 they will have to start calling them dampers. Get serious will you? Story is at iCar.

The New Year has exploded unexpectedly into a hybrid war by various car manufactures doing everything to stay afloat. Even F1 surprisingly announced new rules to make the sport more entertaining with more overtaking and the introduction of Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). Regenerative braking usually is one of the selling points of hybrid cars, and this technology help increase mileage and energy retention thus it is economically viable to exploit similar technologies.

Engineers at Tufts University have created regenerative shock absorbers and hopefully, there will be the new way of harnessing energy from the vertical movement of a vehicle. According to Tufts Journal, the technology is an electromagnetic linear generator, which converts energy that would otherwise be lost, into electrical energy that can help charge a vehicle’s battery.

Tufts University’s leading engineering professors Ronald Goldner and Peter Zerigian, developed this technology in the 1990’s and successfully patented the system. It is said that it could potentially increase mileage by 20% to 70% and be employed in hybrids such as the Toyota Prius, Honda Insight and Chevy Volt.

Other technological breakthroughs made by Goldner, was a window that could transmit or deflect energy to make it darker, and a thin film battery thought to replace the current batteries in cell phones, laptops and car batteries. Development and implementation of such technologies is vital in improving the efficiency of vehicles which can help save the environment and money!

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