Regulations make overtaking harder~ Glock

I am assuming that Timo Glock was like everyone else when he heard the new regulation changes for F1 in 2009. He probably read with anticipation the press release detailing how the reduced aero, KERS and slick tires was going to make passing much easier in F1. Visions of a KERS-induced push-to-pass button centrally mounted on the steering wheel that would make passing as easy as could be.

If he felt like we did…he’d be wrong. Apparently Timo learned first hand this weekend that the regulations have made it more difficult for him to pass anyone. Especially that chiseled veteran Fernando Alonso.

“It’s unbelievable how much downforce I lost behind him (Fernando Alonso),” the German told GP Week, when speaking about his battle with the Renault. “Behind Kimi and the Ferrari’s it was a bit easier but with Fernando I had no chance and every time I was close enough I lost the downforce overall,” Glock added.

It also remains to be seen just how the car will react in the rain but given the tropic nature of Sepang, we may just find out this weekend. As I pointed out in my diatribe, I think it’s a little early to determine if the regulations have helped or hindered but based on what I saw this past weekend and the track record the FIA has in regulation changes to improve “the show”, reduce speed and cut costs; I think I am agreeing with Timo more each day.

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