Renault Apology: Two Blown Engines; One Weekend

After blowing two engines in one weekend, Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel may have lost his chance to fight for the Driver’s Championship. Now sitting 25 points adrift of the leader, Vettel will struggle with the 8-engine rule this season. Frustrating? Most likely but Fabrice Lom, Renault’s man in charge of customer engines, has publicly apologized to Red Bull for the mishap.

“I can only apologize to Red Bull Racing and Sebastian in particular for this reliability issue and assure them that we will work as hard as possible to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” Lom said in Spain.

“The end of the season will now be tough
on the engine side for Sebastian,” he acknowledged

Nice of him to admit that he is kind of screwed for the rest of the season.

Red Bull were rumored to be looking for a new engine supply for 2010 and this may have been a catalyst for doing so. Perhaps a cut-rate deal on 2010 lumps will keep the Red Bull squad in a Renault engine but I am not so sure.

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