Renault could quit F1

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My immediate reaction to Renault’s comments regarding their commitment to Formula 1 was one of frustration and emotional buffoonery. It wasn’t one my best moments, admittedly, but I couldn’t help feeling miffed that this group threatened to leave F1 if it didn’t change to hybrid engines and now, having had their arse handed to them, they are contemplating leaving the sport completely. Renault’s Cyril Abiteboul said:

“I can confirm that we are looking at a lot of options, including getting out of Formula 1,” Abiteboul said.

“Honestly, if Formula 1 is that bad for Renault’s reputation, if we see that we struggle with the current formula; if Formula 1 is not delivering the value it costs to Renault – bearing in mind that when you have an engine supplier, you have no incentive to fund engine development – this is what we’re looking at.”

Sure, demand the single biggest cost impact the sport has ever known, provide us with electrocuted mechanics, batteries, two teams now defunct, one team barely saved, slower cars, lower horsepower, massively reduced sound, and cars not running in order to save engine components then leave the sport. Not brilliant!

As for the lack of respect for their achievements, I can’t help but go back to my original confusion as to why the side of the car says “Infiniti” and not Renault. Isn’t that their fault? They need to call Craig Burnett over at Mothers and see if he has a clay bar or something that can fix this.

I personally know that Renault Sport F1 has the ability to promote and communicate because as a media outlet, I receive their emails and find them one of the best, if not the best, communicators from all F1 pundits. They are terrific in communicating what they are doing and why. Their transparency is unequalled. Why the lack of promotion on the car?

On the other side of the argument, I do understand that the investment has to make sense and if it doesn’t, can you blame Renault for leaving? If it is nothing but a financial burden, then no team or supplier will stay. That’s just economics and as much as it may frustrate me that they were instrumental in changing the sport and not necessarily for the better, it do get the plot.

Red Bull has latched on to this statement and tacked with their comments about leaving the sport by suggesting what they meant was that they could be forced to leave the sport.

“We could ultimately find ourselves without an engine supplier, should Renault choose to withdraw from Formula 1,” he said. “Mercedes wouldn’t supply Red Bull with an engine and it’s unlikely we’d be in a position to take a Ferrari engine.”

Yeah, that’s what we meant. Well played, Christian, well played.

Hat Tip: Sky Sports F1


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I’m reminded of Vince Lombardi’s famous exclamation, Seriously, what IS going on out here? I know teams and manufacturers come and go in Formula 1, as they do in all motor racing and always will, but is this becoming more serious? If we’re simply looking at a few teams who are used to doing well suddenly finding they’ve missed the mark and are now throwing their toys out of the pram, then I say, “Suck it up, buttercup!” However, if, as I suspect is closer to the reality of the situation, the FIA has regulated themselves into a very… Read more »

Richard Bunce

Audi smiling as Red Bull purchase price coming down every day…

John The Race Fan

Performance in F1 comes and goes in waves. Right now, Renault is on a downswing, with Mercedes & Ferrari being better. Only Honda sucks worse right now. That said, the only team being overly vocal about Renault’s lack of performance is Red Bull. Never mind the performance of their sister team, also w/ Renault power units. I don’t doubt that Renault PUs are down on power this season. However, RBR’s whining is only making Horner & Co. look like prima donnas, since they suffer the same power woes as every other Renault customer. It’s apparent that chassis or aero development… Read more »

Junipero Mariano

I was sitting watching the Australian GP and my older brother sat next to me. The commentators were talking about Red Bull’s woes.
Robert: Why are they griping so much?
Me: Renault’s engine sucks. I mean, Ren-ALT.
Robert: They haven’t had cars here in a long time. They sucked back then, too.
Maybe Renault and Infiniti were trying to buildup their respective reputations in the States and in Europe?


Concerning Renault’s claim of lack of recognition. I wonder if they (Renault) believe that despite helping Red Bull win 4 titles, the public simply sees it as Red Bull won 4 titles? If so, even if Renault put their name on the side of the car, would the public still only see it as Red Bull winning? Perhaps they feel that the only way to get proper recognition is to go it alone, a la Ferrari and Mercedes.

Paul KieferJr

Actually, I like this one better:

Well, admittedly, I would have brought in R Lee Armey from “Full Metal Jacket”, but decorum and civility would have gone out the window, so I’ll settle for this instead.


The issue seems to be on going since the start of testing for the 2014 season. I guess with the financial woes in Europe there must be some senior management in Renault who are asking why they are tipping tonnes of money into F1 if they aren’t performing, and don’t get a business benefit from being there. I’m hopeful that Renault, being determined people (okay stubborn), will want to show that having pushed F1 to get the current power unit format, they have the engineering skills and organisational commitment to work their way back to the top. The challenge in… Read more »

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