Renault delay Piquet re-sigining

So what does French-Swiss driver Romain Grosjean have to do with Renault? Well if rumors are correct, he just may take Nelson Piquet Jr.’s seat at Renault for 2009.Rumors suggest that Renault have offered a contract extension through September instead of exercising its option now.

Part of this may have to do with Fernando Alonso’s decision to stay or leave Renault and the last we’ve heard from Fernando is that he will make a decision some time this Autumn. That is a large gap of time and it seems that if Fernando leaves, Romain Grosjean is tipped to replace him. Should Fernando stay, Romain Grosjean could replace Nelson.

I’m glad you asked my opinion: Renault should contract Romain Grosjean to drive at Renaul in 2009 irrespective of where Fernando goes. I believe Romain Grosjean is a better option for them than Junior and it would be good to build on something outside of Fernando. Fernando won’t stay at Renault even if he gives them one more year. It is best to start lining up real talent for their long-term goals and unfortunately Nelson, in my opinion, is not it.

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