Renault F1 truck crashes on way to Hungarian GP

As if things couldn’t get any worse for Renault F1, the trip to the next race hasn’t gone to plan. After suffering a dual DNF in the German Grand Prix, the team headed for the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend but a team truck has crashed on the M1 heading toward the Hungaroring.

According to reports, the driver was taken to the hospital but the team said he was not seriously injured.

“We confirm that a Renault F1 Team truck was involved in an accident on the M1 in Hungary, near Gyor.

“The driver, who was driving within the respected regulations, was extracted from the vehicle.

“He is conscious and has not suffered serious injury. He has been transported to hospital in Hungary for further checks.

“No other vehicles were involved in the incident.”

Thankfully it doesn’t sound as if any other cars were involved in the incident and that the driver was not seriously injured but Renault F1 didn’t need this setback having already been handed a blow in Germany. It is not clear if the truck was carrying cars, parts, garage apparatus etc. Hopefully it was carrying the cars!

Hat Tip: Autosport

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Hopefully it *WASN’T* carrying the cars.
Sorry, the wife is an editor, it’s rubbed off on me.