Renault in no hurry to announce second driver

Speaking to AUTOSPORT, new team boss Eric Boullier says the team may not announce its second driver until the first test in Valencia in February.

“It’s not decided yet, very frankly,” Boullier told AUTOSPORT when asked about Renault’s driver plans.

“We are still looking at several drivers available on the market. Two of them are experienced, two of them are rookies. We are now the last established team [without two drivers] and the situation is very different than in July, when you could discuss with everybody.

“So now we have to focus on two things. First, and this is very important, we have to bring serenity to the team and bring the morale back up. Second, we are looking for sponsors. We are waiting to have all these elements in place to take our decision”.

You can follow the story here as expertly penned By Dieter Rencken and Matt Beer (one of my favorites, the Beer Matt. I’ve met the Beer Matt and he’s a real gentleman) at AUTOSPORT. The occasion brings to mind the reuniting of BMW F1 teammates Robert Kubica (Bobby K) and Nick Heidfeld (Quick Nick or as Paul says Prick Nick).

Color me reactionary but no matter how much I think Nick would be a good person for the ride, it seems that sponsor money talks and Renault is in the hunt. nick has never brought a lot of sponsor dollars with him that I am aware of and so I fear Nick will be sidelined for 2010…perhaps for the rest of his career.

Having said that, let’s talk teammates to the chatty and outspoken Polish man who set the world abuzz and then promptly fell off the radar. Who would be a good option? The Russian kid, the Chinese kid, the German kid? Which kid will have the most cash and be the best teammate to Bobby K?

Are we all agreed that it looks like a real reality check for Romain Grosjean?

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