Renault not a fit for Alonso’s expectations

I‘ve been saying for months now that if there is no desire or opportunity for Ferrari or Mercedes to sign Fernando Alonso, then if I were him, I would go to Renault given the chance. I was saying this a year ago and at the time, I was getting some odd stares but the reality is, he has a history with Renault, the team are now a works team and they have the resources to move forward.

This year they’ve proven to be the fourth quickest team behind Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull. In Alonso’s hands, that may even be better from time to time. It’s clear he’s very frustrated and accusations that he simply parks his car when he’s had enough aren’t helping. In fact, Renault are now worried that any possible deal would find him equally frustrated in a Renault.

“Things have to be compatible so that it can be a successful association, and not just because it has been a successful association in the past,” team boss Cyril Abiteboul said.

“It’s the future that we’re worried about.

“He has his dynamic, I think he has urgency to be in a position to be fighting for championships again.

“We know that it’s going to take us a bit of time to have a car that can offer that, so clearly the one thing that I would not want is to have a frustrated Fernando in a Renault car, that’s for sure.”

I can understand his point in that you wouldn’t want the kind of tangible frustration Alonso is displaying now to spill over on Renault’s brand if the team weren’t able to fight for wins. I’m wondering if it would, though. I think being able to fight on a weekly basis for points and possible podiums might be something Alonso would be encouraged by.

In the end, You can understand his frustration but then again, he’s made all of the moves in his career and ended up in this position. Still, I think it would be the better move if he wants to stay in F1.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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J Jones

I tend to agree tbh. Nico H is a good driver but is he really a top driver, that’s the question mark. He will get you solid points week in week out. Alonso on the other hand is a world champion who can drive a team forward, and I know he is still very much loved at enstone. Palmer even though he has had the car let him down on three or four occasions still looks like a fish out of water to me. What’s the worst Alonso can do to Renault say the car or engine isn’t good enough,… Read more »


“Palmer even though he has had the car let him down on three or four occasions still looks like a fish out of water to me.”

A gentleman driver masquerading as a factory driver.


There’s a consistent theme emerging. Teams don’t want to sign Alonso. The front running teams of Mercedes, RBR and Ferrari have all explicyly said they don’t want him, and now Renault are saying they don’t want him either. Has he burned too many bridges in his career? and are ongoing toxic comments during races just reinforcing perceptions that he’s more trouble than he’s worth? While from the perspective of an F1 fan, seeing Alonso’s talent going to waste for these last 10 years seems a tragedy, maybe from inside the teams it’s a problem of his own making? It’s looking… Read more »

Qarbon Nubia

This is a polite and respectful way of saying we don’t want you Mr Alonso. I entirely understand their situation and were I Renault I would try to poach Perez as he worked well with Nico and is a very consistent point scorer.

peter riva

I keep hoping he’ll fry to Honda in Japan and they’ll show him the new design with 50% more power – yeah, I know…. but the truth is the McLaren is a great car, great grib, great aero but the engine sucks. If TESTING were ALLOWED…..

peter riva

Did you like the slight accept ha-ha with fly and fry?
Well it was a darned accident and not intentional!

James Hammond

I honestly think if he is determined to get the triple crown, he should abandon F1. He’s done that. Explore the opportunities in Indy (apologies if it’s called something else) while he is still youngish. Unfortunately for WEC, I don’t know whats happening there, unless LMP2 cars take over as the top class… but that’s off this subject.

Junipero Mariano

From the results of the season so far, Renault won’t be scoring wins next year, maybe a podium here or there. But that’s a damn sight better than McLaren right now. Williams or Force India could put that sweet sweet Merc engine behind Alonso, but they won’t be able to deliver anymore wins than Renault could. Hopefully Alonso can get a good read on Enstone’s prospects for 2019. Does Merc value team harmony over sheer dominance? I think Hamilton and Alonso could score 1-2’s like it was 2014. A near perfect season like 2016 would be likely too, but you’d… Read more »