Renault: Petrov completes final day of testing


Renault completed its third day of testing with new driver Vitaly Petrov at the wheel. The Russian completed 75 laps in a technical program that was used to acclimate the young driver to the car. Petrov was upbeat and excited to be in a F1 car:

“I really enjoyed my first day in the car and everything went well. The car is very impressive compared with a GP2 car and I enjoyed experiencing the power and braking performance. After about 30 laps I was starting to feel comfortable and understanding the limits of the car. It was also my first chance to work with my engineers and so far everything is going really well so I’m happy with the day.”

The goal was certainly to get Petrov comfortable with the car and Renault says they consider this test successful as it gave the good information to build on as they head to Jerez for next weeks testing. Chief Race Engineer Alan Permane said:

“This was Vitaly’s first day in the R30 and we concentrated on getting him comfortable and familiar with the car. There’s a lot for him to get used to in terms of the brakes, power and the extra downforce, but he adapted well and did a good job. Overall our first week with the car has been successful and we’ve come away with a lot of valuable knowledge about the car. We’re now looking forward to building on this work in Jerez next week.”


As times are variable in testing, the most important goal has to be learning the systems, power and program that Renault have in place. Petrov seemed to do well and while he was 2 seconds adrift from the leading car of Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, it is certainly understandable that the young Russian is leaning the ropes. Renault feel they have good direction for the car and what to focus on in Jerez which is a circuit more familiar with all the teams.

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