Renault Sport F1 changes name

Renault Sport F1 will be changing its name…apparently that’s become the thing these days with Force India becoming Racing Point Force India, then simply Racing Point and that’s supposed to change again before Australia.

In this case, the name change makes sense as it is what it says, right? It harkens back the old days when Renault were tightly associated with the sport and it will even have a new logo.

That’s all good but it doesn’t sate my strong desire to see the team in French Racing blue instead of the corporate yellow and black colors. Come on, Renault, let’s show some French pride again…paint them blue!

Renault Press Release:

Starting from 4 December, 2018, Renault’s Formula 1 team is changing its name to Renault F1 Team.

This simpler and more natural designation is intended to strengthen the link that has existed for more than 40 years between Renault and Formula 1.

This new name and new logo will be assets to achieve the strategic objectives of developing Renault’s reputation and brand image through our commitment to Formula 1, while continuing to support the company’s product ranges, especially in the sports segment.

This new logo is more compact and more readable. Renault’s Losange – the diamond emblem – is now directly associated to the team name without any separation.

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jiji the cat

im with you, bring back Le Blah. Closest thing we have is Torro Rosso