Renault to sign Alonso for 2021

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According to reports at Autosport and Sky Sports F1, former Renault driver and two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso is set to return to the team in which he won those two titles…Renault F1.

The report says an announcement is forthcoming and we discussed this as the right choice for the team before they hired Daniel Ricciardo. Of course we were castigated for saying that but it made sense to us because the team is in a rebuilding phase and could use Fernando’s understanding and skill in that area. They have a history with Fernando and it makes sense on paper.

Will it make sense on track? Time will tell and Cyril is not the same boss that was there when Fernando last darkened to doors of the F1 team HQ. The biggest question mark I have is Cyril and Fernando’s relationship. I have suggested that the team may need to shake things up at the top and Fernando might be a catalyst in doing that.

I don’t have a crystal ball but if I did, I’d suspect it would show me a change at the top if the team were not able to get Fernando a car he needs to get them back at the sharp end of the grid.

I may be wrong, he might be brought in with the task of helping create a car and team that gets back to the front and if that albatross is around his neck, it may not be too long before he loses interest if the car doesn’t deliver.

There are similarities and all-new changes at Renault since Fernando was there and this will be interesting to see how it goes. I think it’s a great move provided they can deliver a car to compete with.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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Ian Robinson

Aiii aiii aiii Alonso!
As much as I love Alonso, is anyone else fearing a “Pet Cemetery” version of Alonso like A Shumi return.


Right, I’ll make the popcorn and then we can sit down and watch as the team implodes.

Tom Firth

For me this is excellent news! I know this Renault and the Renault of the old days are different but I remember as a kid having Alonso merchandise when he moved there from Minardi the first time round. We all know the story of how that developed over the next few years.

I’m just really happy to have him back in F1, whatever happens, even if it doesn’t work out, it’ll have some sort of effect on Renault and that’s probably a good thing.

Last edited 3 years ago by Tom Firth
Tom Firth

Between Alonso at Renault and Ricciardo and Norris at McLaren, I’m rather happily set for 2021.


You think that they will bring Flabio back to complete the set?

Tom Firth

Think not, though I wouldn’t mind Fred Vassuer back!