Renault/Red Bull have 3 weeks to sort it out

We have three weeks in which to ponder Formula 1’s disparities amongst its participants. That’s a long time for Red Bull and Renault to discuss their next steps toward reliability and speed.

After a difficult start to the 2015 season with finger pointing and hard feelings over Renault’s lack of shove—culminating in an exploding engine in Bahrain—and Red Bull’s threat to exit the series, the Spanish Grand Prix could see a bevy of new upgrades from the French engine maker:

“For Barcelona we will be bringing a few bits and pieces, as will all the teams,” said red Bull team boss Christian Horner.

“The significant thing for us is what specification of engine will we have in Barcelona, because it’s a bit earlier than Renault had in their plan for the next step.

“I think the next couple of weeks are going to be critical.”

Renault carried more tokens into this season than the other engine manufacturers and this means that they will more development room during the season. The development race in F1 is expensive but according to the story, Renault is willing to invest more into their F1 program in order to be competitive.

Engine guru, Mario Illien, was brought in to sort out trouble areas and ways in which to improve the current engine. This move was initiated by Red Bull in order to help the process and it remains to be seen what major upgrades Mario will recommend.


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Is illen working for Renault already? I thought a key part of the decision to hold on to those tokens was to give him something to work with when he arrives later in the year.
If he has already been beavering way, it would be a joyful thing if he has been able to enable Renault to make some significant progress with power, reliability, as well as that ‘all important’ drivability, so that the Renault powered teams can move on from whining to competing.
It would be pretty cool if Honda can do the same.