Renault figures they are within 1% of the top teams.  I, while usually skeptical of these statements, would be hard pressed to not believe Pat Symonds after Barcelona’s result.  Pat has a way of making cars good and Fernando has a way of making cars fast.  Those two combinations, while sophomoric I admit, are the recipe for success.  As evidenced by the two most recent titles Renault won.

Can Fernando ring the Renault’s neck this weekend for a good show?  If I had to lay money on it; I’ll sidle up to Pat Symonds on this one.  He hasn’t let me down yet.  Well, except with last years car and this years car up until now.  ;)

“Aerodynamic efficiency pays dividends at nearly every track, and so there is no reason to believe that we will not be in a similar position in Istanbul,” said Symonds.

“I firmly believe that we are within 1% of the leading team now, which is a big improvement from where we were at the beginning of the season.

“But we must not be complacent because there is still a lot to do and so we will introduce further aero upgrades in time for Istanbul.”

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I totally agree with Mr Symonds… and I would like to say this 1% uses to be the most difficult 1% in the history of motorsports…..


Glad to see it, more competition = more drama = happy Paul.

Wait if they’re 1% off the pace and Alonso gives you (what was it 5% or 5 seconds or something?) errrr something or other. Domination approaches!!!!

Or did the 1% include the Fred equation?

Negative Camber
Negative Camber

Fred get’s you 0.6 seconds. That’s a lot in F1. There wa another guy who said if Ferrari would get him withing 7/10’s, he would win. Schumi did it too. So Fred is in good company and Pat truly is working his tail off over there in the hopes of providing Fred a permanent home at Renault. I hope Fred does not miss that sacrifice in all the contract politics. Pat is good people.


Look out BMW & McLaren – here we come.