Return of Tweet of the Day: Have some cake to celebrate!

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It’s been a while, I know. Apologies. Explanation below, but first…

Today’s Tweet of the Day (aka the F1B post formerly known as Twitter Item of the Day) is via MyLotusRacing:

Lotus Racing cake, to celebrate our first year in the factory about 1 hour ago via Facebook

And here’s the picture.

Yummy … and faster than the car they’ve been using! (Rimshot!)

OK, so back to the reason why there hasn’t been many Tweets of the Day. Two reasons, I guess.

I’ve been plenty offline during the past month, month and a half. Some traveling, some unexpected dis-connectivity. That’s reason No. 1.

Reason No. 2? A bit of Twitter fatigue. Like Facebook (as far as I’ve found), Twitter can get a bit boring (aside from the great banter from the F1B crew. Mark, Paul: Join us!). So I haven’t been watching the F1 world there as closely. I’ll try to be better.


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