Revised 2014 F1 calendar…So long India, Valencia

The FIA announced today that during the World Motor Sport Council meeting it had signed the Concorde Agreement with the commercial rights holders, Formula 1 Group, and it also has touched up the 2014 calendar:

16 March Grand Prix of Australia
30 March Grand Prix of Malaysia
06 April Grand Prix of Bahrain
20 April Grand Prix of China
27 April Grand Prix of Korea (provisional)
11 May Grand Prix of Spain
25 May Grand Prix of Monaco
01 June Grand Prix of America, New Jersey (provisional*)
08 June Grand Prix of Canada
22 June Grand Prix of Austria
06 July Grand Prix of Great Britain
20 July Grand Prix of Germany (Hockenheim)
27 July Grand Prix of Hungary
24 August Grand Prix of Belgium
07 September Grand Prix of Italy
21 September Grand Prix of Singapore
05 October Grand Prix of Russia (Sochi)
12 October Grand Prix of Japan
26 October Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi
09 November Grand Prix of USA (Austin)
16 November Grand Prix of Mexico (provisional*)
30 November Grand Prix of Brazil

* Subject to circuit approval

While the New Jersey, Mexican and Korean Grands Prix are provisional, the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi is not. The FIA normally have to approve the circuit and as the track is not yet completed, I am unclear on how that is not marked as “provisional” but I am splitting hairs. There has been some talk of late that the circuit is grossly over budget and at risk of not being completed in time.

It also appears that the Indian Grand Prix was successful in getting its name off of the list, regardless of it’s long-term contractual obligations, by postponing it’s 2014 Grand Prix until 2015 and extending its contract for one year. Question is, the teams want no more than 20 races per year and if New Jersey, Mexcio and Sochi all make the calendar for 2015, will there be room for India to return? If so, who would leave? Malaysia, Australia, Hungary?

Also of note, as we announced earlier this year, Valencia has been removed from the calendar as well. Just when it was getting interesting.

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