Ricciardo: Bring on the team orders!

If I were Daniel Ricciardo and my teammate was leaving the team for Ferrari and I had a shot at the driver’s title this year, I think I’d expect the team to issue team orders in order to maximize my finishing position. As it turns out, Daniel and I are of like mind.

“Let’s say on Sunday if there is a situation where maybe Seb is in front, and I am quicker, unless it’s going to jeopardise more than one position for him, it’s something that is likely,” explained Ricciardo.

“To be honest, it’s a discussion I haven’t had yet with Christian [Horner] or the team, but mathematically since he is out now, and I am in with a shot, then perhaps something will be applied.

“As I said from day one, I would still like to not have to rely on any of that, but realistically if it is out there and it can work fluently, then maybe they will take action.”

Having a team order can be difficult in situations like Mercedes face currently and there is no reason to institute them but Red Bull are in a different position and have nothing to lose by doing everything they can to get Daniel on the top step.

At this point, Sebastian Vettel is a paperweight and it makes little sense having him impacting Daniel’s race. While that easy to say, there is the other chance that Sebastian could be a helpful foil for Daniel by mixing it up with the Mercedes duo. That’s if he has the pace, which he hasn’t for most of this year.


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