Ricciardo could have been a contender

If everyone had a Mercedes engine in 2015, would they win? No, would be the quick answer as Williams, Force India and Lotus all struggled to make the most of their expensive engine supply investment. I say that, of course, tongue in cheek as Williams and Force India did pretty well but they didn’t win.

According to Daniel Ricciardo, had he been fitted with a Mercedes engine post-Budapest, he’d have won:

“Since Hungary, the car not only performed better, but it was easier to set up,” Ricciardo said.

“Our Friday evenings finished so much earlier.

“It’s like 2014, it’s been in that window. We either found the window or the window just expanded.

“The signs were there at Silverstone, but Budapest was really where it turned.

“I’d honestly say from Budapest, if we had a Merc in the back we would’ve won a few races, to say the least.”

Fact is, I actually believe him as the chassis may have been one of the better pieces of kit on the grid…along with its sister chassis, the Toro Rosso.

It’s hard to know for certain how good a chassis is if it struggles with an engine that creates a serious case of drivability issues but suffice it to say, I think the Red Bull would have made the most of the situation. So does Mercedes and Ferrari as they were not keen to supply current spec engine to the team in 2016.

To that point, just how effective do you think Red Bull will be with a white-label Renault engine in 2016? Chances are the team has already written the season off, as far as winning titles, and set a goal of as many points as possible so as to recoup a big chunk of their spend in 2016.


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Paul KieferJr

“I coulda been a contender! I coulda been somebody!”


Ricciardo never made that quote at all its just a revamped headline, all he said was “They, meaning the team as a whole, could have won a few races with a Mercedes engine” Thats it, nothing over presumptuous. They did just that by winning a few races even with a lemon in the back last year so its certainly possible with an engine that doesnt blow up in its first practise session and an engine supplier thats not on a go slow deciding whether its going to stay or not.

Paul KieferJr

>ahem< Marlon Brando, "On the Waterfront". That's a direct quote that I was using in jest. Yeesh. 9_9


I’m sure he meant Kvyat. Simple mistake on his part.


DR could use Mercedes, and whatever else to prove how great he is? One writer wrote about him – he (DR) may have been out-done by Kvyat on points, but his drive in Singapore and that mixed-conditions stint in Austin show just how good the guy is when the car works. I am thinking wow, isn’t this argument actually applicable to them all? Vettel in 2014 certainly could use some car he liked. Last races we had Hamilton complaining quite publicly, that he could not win last three races because setup was more to Rosberg liking (it began I think… Read more »


It’s a bit disingenuous, since the engine size, weight and shape play such a significant role in chassis development, you can’t really say that. If they’d had a mercedes engine, it wouldn’t have fit! Who knows how it would have changed the chassis design/performance.

Now had Daniel actually been in a Mercedes, I’m confident he would have won a few races, at least.

I get the point though… There’s nothing wrong with RBRs ability to develop the chassis in-season.


Funny Riccardo, it didn’t work for Williams. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. I could be a millionaire if I had a million dollars.