Ricciardo hit with £10m lawsuit

According to reports at the BBC, Daniel Ricciardo’s former manager, Glenn Beavis, has filed a £10m suit against the Renault driver. It seems that Beavis is under the impression that Ricciardo owes him fees for his Renault deal.

Andrew Bemnson’s article at the BBC says that the document they viewed said the suit was being filed over “various sums due in accordance with the commission agreed between the parties”.

Ricciardo’s British Virgin Islands company called, Whitedunes, is the lead defendant in the suit with Ricciardo the second and although Beavis said Ricciardo wanted to terminate their relationship back in December of 2018, they agreed to continue as there were lingering issues to resolve in order to solidify the Renault deal.

Ricciardo’s legal team issued a statement saying:

“I can confirm that Ebury Partnership and I act for Daniel Ricciardo in relation to this claim and Daniel’s position is very clear – there is no merit whatsoever in relation to this claim and we are going to defend it absolutely fully.

“You’ll have only seen his claim so far. You won’t have seen our defence because it hasn’t been filed. But it will be filed and it will entirely refute the claim that Beavis is making.”

These are messy deals and it is a part of F1 rarely discussed. I recall Lewis Hamilton navigating the high-stakes world of sports management after parting company with his father several years ago and I am sure he could tell some tales.

Renault refused to comment on what they termed a “private matter” but it will come down to contract language, termination dates and formal or written notification of those contracts or terminations.

Hat Tip: BBC

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