Ricciardo on team orders

As the Formula 1 series heads to Spain this weekend, most of the talk has been about the battle between Lewis Hamilton and teammate Nico Rosberg. It’s understandable as the two are locked into a two-man fight for the lead in the driver’s championship but there are two other drivers that could be experiencing a little friction.

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel’s comment, while leading in China, regarding his trailing teammate was taken as a snub to team orders to let Daniel Ricciardo by. Vettel simply replied, “tough luck”. Later, the German complied without any drama.

The team once touted their virtuous nature suggesting that team orders were an anathema and blight on F1 but now they have a different approach with these heady days of rampant team orders. To those ends, Ricciardo told Reuters that drivers need to respect them too:

“We throw up different scenarios and discuss it, discuss it between drivers and between principals and engineers,” Ricciardo told The West Australian newspaper.

“It is our responsibility to obey it, unless it’s completely out of order and then we can obviously try and put up a fight and give our reasons.

“But the team are doing all the calculations on pit wall during the race and you have to respect what they’re saying.

“It’s not always nice if you are being told to move over. It’s not nice being that slower car, it’s frustrating.”

Well sure they do because Daniel is currently outperforming his 4-time championship winning teammate Vettel. To be perfectly honest, having met Daniel, I do believe he would be the first guy to move over if the fortunes were reversed. He’s that kind of guy.

Ricciardo feels that team orders should be obeyed but with last year’s “Multi 21” incident, chances are Vettel may not feel quite the same.

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