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Ricciardo replaces De Vries at Alpha Tauri

Daniel Ricciardo and Christian Horner prior to the F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi at Yas Marina Circuit on November 20, 2022 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images) // Red Bull Racing / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202211230276 // Usage for editorial use only //

If you are a Daniel Ricciardo fan, then you’re going to be very happy today as Alpha Tauri announced it is replacing Nyck de Vries with immediate effect and Daniel will now be on the grid in the second car.

It’s an interesting move and I am not quite sure what the complete story was from the team’s perspective with regards to Nyck’s performance or potential. Clearly they felt a handful of races was enough to determine any future potential. I would have thought that Yuki would have had ample time to prove his chops by now but perhaps contractually, that was a more difficult choice.

As we mentioned on last night’s podcast, it seems like a logical choice to us. Here is the official statement:

Scuderia AlphaTauri announces that Daniel Ricciardo will be joining the team on loan from Oracle Red Bull Racing for the remainder of the Formula 1 season, starting from the upcoming Hungarian Grand Prix.


“I’m very pleased to welcome Daniel back into the team,” commented Franz Tost, Scuderia AlphaTauri Team Principal“There’s no doubt about his driving skills, and he already knows many of us, so his integration will be easy and straight forward. The team will also profit a lot from his experience, as he is an eight-time Formula 1 Grand Prix winner. I would like to thank Nyck for his valuable contribution during his time with Scuderia AlphaTauri and I wish him all the best for the future.”

Daniel Ricciardo said: “I’m stoked to be back on track with the Red Bull family!”


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Who doesn’t want to see Ricardo smiling on the podium?

Worthless Opinion

Well, i don’t, I think he’s an overrated driver – but I don’t think any of us has to worry about him ending up on the podium.

Worthless Opinion

Jeez this guy gets so many opportunities. At his best he’s been pretty good but that was a long time ago and at his worst he has caused financial devastation to his and other teams with all the cars he breaks against other cars while being vastly overpaid. He’s getting paid by like three teams right now despite failing at all of them but he can’t stop getting more chances. I bet he does no better than Yuki but he’ll drink a beer out of a snakeskin boot or something and everyone will say what a wonderful driver. Remember when… Read more »

Last edited 10 months ago by Worthless Opinion
Xean Drury

Well, that’s a baffler. To Alpha Tauri? Sounds like Ricciardo is just going to Bottas his way into the sunset.

And while I’m here, what the heck happened to this Red Bull Jr team? Instead of being the junior school for Red Bull’s future, it’s become the churning driver mill for nothing. Does this team believe they can win the championship, or are they satisfied being a mid-grid (if that)? At least as Toro Rosso, you knew what the score was. As Alpha Tauri, I have no idea what their identity is anymore, short of $100.00 key fobs. ~X8


Unexpected and curious; to be sure. A name change, a new (old) face… sounds like it could be a ‘dynamic’ off season for this team. Whatever happens, I must say I do like to see another Australian driver at Minardi.


It’s an interesting one, while I’m glad to see DR back on the grid, that car is a bit of a poisoned chalice.
I suspect that DR will do better than Nick but it can’t be by that much, or is this a way to put some pressure on Yuki and Sergio?

Xean Drury

Here’s a though: Do you think AT is putting DR in as a measuring stick for Yuki? Just like how Albon showed that Latifi really isn’t that fast, maybe this is more of a move to determine Yuki’s future.


That’s probably part of it, but DR hasn’t raced in a bit and he doesn’t know the car at all.
I would expect Yuki to do better than DR at first and then slowly get in front.
He’s probably also there to try and develop the car too.


I understand that while testing at Silverstone recently he put in a time that would have put him on the front row. We know that his strength is racing and not qualifying. The caveat is that the tyre compound he used is a mystery.

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