Ricciardo tops Lewis, Red Bull iron out niggles

There are just 32 days until the start of the 2015 Formula 1 season and as the teams are set to begin their second winter test, Red Bull says they had challenges at the first test but nothing like the ones they had in 2014:

“It was a lot more positive than last year,” Horner said.

“Yes, we had issues but they were not major ones compared to the fundamental problems we had last year, with the car not running cleanly or overheating or simply setting itself on fire!

“We had a few niggling issues but this was much more of a standard pre-season test than the one we experienced 12 months ago.”

While the team are focused on clawing back the gap between themselves and the 2014 world champions, Mercedes, the real bugbear is the Renault power unit:

“The biggest changes are in the power unit. Renault have been working very hard on that but there are always going to be a few things that catch you out,”

The team will head to Australia for the season opener which is a home race for their new star, Daniel Ricciardo. Ricciardo has been making quite a buzz from his dominant performance last year over 4-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, to his recent pummeling of all F1 drivers in the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car on Top Gear besting Lewis Hamilton’s fastest time.

If anything else, it’s great to see F1 drivers in the same kit racing each other for fun and bragging rights.

Here’s a link the the video of Daniel behind the scenes at Top Gear.

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