Ricciardo: What’s the damn hold up over at Toro Rosso?

Toro RossoSo what do you do when you set the fastest pace during the young driver testing session in Abu Dhabi? Apparently nothing. It seems that Australian sensation Daniel Ricciardo is unsure of his future according tot he fine men and women of AUTOSPORT. It seems that mysterious right-hand Austrian energy drink thug, Dr. Marko, isn’t saying anything either:

“I actually spoke to him after the last run, just to inform him of how it all went,” said Ricciardo.

“And I asked him if he’s got any news for me. But he genuinely said nothing has come up yet, there’s nothing even close to being confirmed.

“In a way it would be nice to know something now, but it’s not really under my control. The fact that he was being honest with me and telling me just for now to go back home and relax for a bit is not too bad.

“I can’t really stress about something that could or won’t be happening, so I’ll just sit tight for now.”

This brings me to my first point: What is Toro Rosso for if they stick with Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari? That’s two years on the trot these two have cracked carbon fiber and set pedestrian paces.

The other Sebastian, the current world champion, seemed to win a race in a Toro Rosso and while all of us would concede the fact that it was a Newey car and therefore akin to a paranormal anomaly on four tires, it’s only realistic that he should do better than the current drivers at the Italian turned Austrian team. I would also argue that Vettel in this years Toro Rosso would have mopped the floor with Buemi and Alguersuari. This brings me to my second point: Why not rotate drivers each year to identify the next Vettel? Why not let Ricciardo have a go for 2011 to see his full potential?

Let’s face it, after 2011 the Red Bull Racing team will be needing a new Australian and Ricciardo seems to be on pace to be that guy. Why not allow him some seat time for 2011 so he can hit the ground running in 2012? The enigma that is Toro Rosso has me baffled to be honest and I’m really not sure what its main purpose in life is at this point. If the team stay with Alguersuari and Buemi for 2011, I’ll start to seriously question the former Minardi teams purpose and consider it a tax write-off for Mr. Mateschitz…and who doesn’t want to cheer for tax write-offs?

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