Ricciardo’s fuel sensor failure proves ‘issue’

Say what you will about Red Bull’s appeal over their disqualification in Australia but the fact is, the fuel flow sensors have issues. That’s the latest from AUTOSPORT’s Mr. Noble  today in which Red Bull team boss Christian Horner shared more stories of sensor failure on Daniel Ricciardo’s car in Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix:

“It failed prior to the race,” he said. “We informed the FIA about it and we asked the FIA if we could revive it on the grid by effectively power cycling the car.

“We did that at the start of the race but it didn’t come back to life. So, the sensor didn’t work the whole race.

“I think it clearly demonstrates that there are issues with these sensors.”

The interesting issue here is that the team used the same procedure to measure their fuel flow as they used in Australia and the FIA were fine with that solution. We pondered the notion of how Red Bull would react if they have another failure and suggested that if the team followed the FIA recommendations, as they were asked to do in Australia, it would only bolster the regulatory bodies case against Red Bull and support the disqualification.

It now seems the tables have been turned and the FIA followed Red Bull’s solution for the issue by approving the data readings at the fuel-rail and one has to wonder if this doesn’t support Red Bull’s case in their appeal which is due to be heard during the Chinese Grand Prix weekend.

What do you think? Does this help, hurt or add nothing to Red Bull’s appeal?

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