Richard Branson makes bid on Honda F1 Team

It has now come to light that perhaps the mysterious bidder, as exclusively mentioned in the Podcast #92, is none other than Richard Branson. Just when you thought he was making space ships, selling CD, phones and airline tickets…he completely surprises us and exposes his penchant for motorsports. Actually that’s not a big surprise, Richard is an adventuring soul and likes all types of things exciting and risky.

Is this good? Well, depends on how you feel about Airline owners in F1. Paul Stodddart toiled a while in it and currently Vijay Malya is running Force India. Bottom line is that Richard has some cash and that’s what this team needs right now. If ING increased brand awareness by 16% with their involvement in F1 then perhaps that’s worth $100MM to Richard. We’ll see.

“They have made a bid to purchase the team,” Reuters quoted a Honda source as saying.

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