RIP, 2008-2012: Formula 2

A casualty of motor sport has occurred this week with the announcement that Formula 2 will end its run. MSV boss jonathan Palmer said:

“As the FIA intended, F2 has always provided outstanding value and equality for its competitors,” Palmer said.

“However, it has become progressively clear that the single operating team concept that enables these benefits has compromises that have, overall, reduced its appeal to drivers.”

The concept of one racing team that fields all the cars for drivers to show up and run in apparently lacked the appeal they had hoped for. As our own Paul Charsley pointed out, it is a concept akin to a racing school series more than the traditional methodology.

Unfortunately F2 will cease to be but the cars were actually very good. It also brings to mind the notion that Sir John Surtees is championing which is defining a clearer path for young drivers through the junior series to Formula One. Apparently F2 will not be among them.

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