Robert Kubica set for 2019 F1 return at Williams

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Eight years ago, there was an incredible buzz around Renault’s driver, Robert Kubica. He was hot property and had completed an impressive stint at BMW Sauber and was set to take a Ferrari seat until all of that changed during an off-season rallying incident that nearly severed his arm and left him with fractures in his elbow, shoulder and leg.

For many, this would have been a career-ending event but the 33-year-old Polish driver fought back to secure a reserve driver role for Williams last season and according to Autosport, will now take the final race seat at the team for the 2019 season.

If Autosport is correct, and I am sure they are, then Robert will partner the rookie George Russell for the 2019 campaign. The team have struggled of late with departures of key personnel and a car that simply isn’t interested in racing well.

In an era where teams are seeking younger and younger drivers, it is an interesting choice and one compounded by the limitations that Kubica’s injuries still present with regards to full mobility and range of motion.

The race seat is an opportunity for Robert even though Ferrari had shown interest in hiring him for their simulator work but Kubica relishes the chance to race again and what a story it will be to see Robert on the grid in 2019.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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Yes, we’d prefer to have seats for young drivers. Yes, he may be past his prime and wounded to boot. But we need some poetry in this series.


I don’t know guys. Were it any of the other drivers I’d be fine with it.

But Ocon’s current and proven skill should be chosen over Kubica’s poetry.

The Captain

The real problem with F1 is “Ocon’s current and proven skill” should be chosen over Lance Stroll’s money.

Kyle Bashor

It will be great to see him race. But I guess this confirms Ocon’s exit.


This is a lose-lose situation for Williams.
If he doesn’t perform they lose.
If he does perform, everyone will question why he wasn’t there this year and they lose again.

Personally, I don’t think he’ll cope. He may have done something against Stroll-Sorotkin but against Russell, he is toast.

The Captain

Lets all take a moment to thank 2018 for one of the craziest silly seasons I can remember. And until Danny made that decision I thought noting big was gonna happen at all this year.